Two Jabs and an Uppercut

A few animations for a potential boxing game. The concept is a pretty simple tug-o-war style boxing game with a story that is driven through the players choices. There would be 8-12 different contenders to face, each with a special nuance on how to defeat them. This isn't all too different from Mike Tysons Punch Out.

Main Character Idle Animation

Trainer Punching Animation
Trainer Idle Animation

Training Ring Concept

Here is a concept for the main training ring. It's meant to be a part of a Gym which is the main setting for the overall storyline. I stopped short of expanding the different areas of the gym; weight training, back office, etc.

If I get some time I might continue on with this one. It is a fun style that I want to improve on and the game concept could be pretty entertaining for a mobile game.

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